Gary Sanchez, John Tavares, and many more names surface when counting down the greatest New York sports moments of 2016. 

New York sports were a mixed bag in 2016.

There were ups and downs, as per any year in sports, but the greatest city on Earth had a distinct lack of great sporting moments.

When I compiled this list last year, there were so many tremendous moments — the Mets won the pennant, the Rangers advanced to the Eastern Conference Finals, and the Jets nearly snuck into the postseason with Ryan Fitzpatrick at quarterback.

This calendar year, five New York sports teams made the postseason. The Mets, Rangers, NYCFC, and the Red Bulls failed to win a single series. In fact, the four of those teams combined for just one playoff win. The Islanders were the only New York sports team to advance in the playoffs, before losing to the Tampa Bay Lightning in five games.

Regardless, there were some bright moments for New York sports in 2016. Let’s take a look at the 10 best, along with five honorable mentions.

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