Offense: Joakim Noah

The offensive side of the court has never been a friend to Noah. His career high in points per game is 12.6. Howard, although his offense has steadily declined in recent seasons, has put up phenomenal scoring numbers for such a limited skill set.

One of the biggest knocks on Noah this season is his lack of scoring. He’s played a total of 567 minutes so far and only made 54 field goals.

102 of his 115 field goals are in the restricted area, but his overall field goal percentage is just 47.8 percent. A large part of that is because Noah has only converted on 50 percent of his attempts in the RA. For context, the league average is 60 percent.

Noah wasn’t expected to score, but this has been a nightmare. It’s like playing four-on-five on offense when he’s on the court.