The strains of third base have gotten to the New York Mets David Wright. So with a struggling Duda at first, let’s move him ‘Wright’ there!

When New York Mets GM Sandy Alderson was asked who the starting third baseman would be going into the 2017 season, without any hesitation, Alderson answered it would be David Wright.

While Wright has been the face of the franchise since making his debut in 2004, he’s been anything but reliable these past two seasons. In fact, he’s played in just 75 games combined during that time due to a long list of injury issues, most notably spinal stenosis.

The Captain will only last so long before getting hurt again playing third base in 2017. So if the Mets want to get the most out of their franchise player, they should consider having Wright pick up a first baseman’s glove and learn how to play across the diamond.

While many may think this is an absurd idea, here’s why it can work.

May 22, 2016; New York City, NY, USA; New York Mets third baseman David Wright (5) makes a throw to first but fails to get Milwaukee Brewers second baseman Hernan Perez (not pictured) out in the ninth inning at Citi Field. Mandatory Credit: Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Wright has played in nearly 1600 games at third base during his 13-year career. It’s a position that has clearly taken a hit on his body – something that’s showed very little signs of improvement in recent seasons.

Having him as part of a platoon would make him the antithesis to the left handed first baseman Lucas Duda. Oh, and by the way, Wright has destroyed lefties over his storied career.

In fact, he has hit against lefties to the tune of a .337/.430/.568 line. So maybe playing solely against lefties will bring the bounce back season both him and the Mets organization have been hoping to see from their Captain.

Not only will moving the All-Star to first help his cause and keep him on the field, but it will also benefit Duda.

Duda, who is returning from back surgery himself, will need to take off-days if he hopes to be healthy for the full 2017 season. Not only does health play a factor in this decision, but the Mets first baseman has also been significantly better against right handed pitching during his time in the MLB. In his career, he’s hit .254/.358/.478, while posting 91 home runs with 271 RBIs.

Its clear that Duda would benefit from just facing right-handed pitchers to maximize his on-field production.

While having The Captain in the lineup will surely boost production, it will also infuse spirit into the clubhouse.

Imagine having Jose Reyes throwing runners out to new first baseman David Wright? It’s certainly a crazy idea to think about, but it may be what this squad needs to make its third straight playoff appearance.

Playing Wright just 2-3 times a week wouldn’t be the end of the world, as because of those injuries, he’s no longer an everyday-caliber third baseman. On occasion, the Mets could always hand him his third baseman’s glove back, but he should strictly learn first in order to play a full season there – possibly culminating in a championship for Queens.

The Mets currently have no intention of moving their Gold Glove third baseman, but it should be under serious consideration if they hope to get the most out of their beloved fan favorite player in 2017 and beyond.