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The most memorable fan moments in New York Yankees history

1. Lou Gehrig’s Retirement:

This moment, I wasn’t even alive for. But this moment was beautiful. It shows exactly how passionate and important fans are to the biggest moments in player’s careers.

Lou Gehrig’s retirement ceremony included various players and legends talking to the character of Gehrig after his diagnosis of ALS days earlier. July 4 turned from Independence Day into Lou Gehrig Appreciation Day.

The fans came into play once Gehrig sent out Sid Mercer to speak for him, as he was too overwhelmed. Walking off the field, Gehrig was stopped by the encouragement of fans, chanting, “We want Gehrig!”

With the overwhelming support of fans, he found his way to the microphone and gave the greatest speech ever…without any notes.

The fans had the power to encourage one of the most prominent speeches in baseball history. And because of the fans, the “Luckiest Man Alive” speech is written in history books.

It’s amazing to think that fans have power. They may be watching the game, but we feel everything. Fans are one of the biggest parts of the game, whether they know it or not.

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