Jay-Z’s ‘roast’ of Phil Jackson during LeBron James presentation was average at best (Video)

While the world is going bananas over Jay-Z’s burning of Phil Jackson during LeBron James‘s SI presentation, we are here to calm you down.

Really? This is what all the fuss was about? 

It seems the entire world, entire Twitter-world, especially, has gone nuts over nothing. When Jay-Z presented LeBron James with Sports Illustrated’s Sportsperson of the Year award, he slipped in a Phil Jackson “burn” in the direction of Phil Jackson (video above).

If this is a burn or a roast, we completely suck.

First of all, many are down on LeBron’s insensitivity to the word. He knows Jackson’s life, history and career in basketball. When has the man ever shown a racist bone in his body? Carmelo Anthony, his own player, could have provided Jax a break as well.

At the same time, Jax, upon hearing the reaction from James and his camp, should have apologized immediately thereafter.

But come on, this Jay-Z thing is elementary, at best. He’s simply reading from his phone, very casually presenting a once highly thought of award.

By the way, here’s a Tweet from owner Sean Carter when he arrived on the Big Apple basketball scene:

Damn, that’s embarrassing.

When did everybody suddenly become so sensitive in today’s world? That’s the most embarrassing thing.

H/T Twitter, @SInow