Bullpen’s Lack of Worth

The same was the case when New York assembled a “super ‘pen” consisting of Dellin Betances, Andrew Miller, and Aroldis Chapman. If you do not take a lead into the sixth or seventh inning, your bullpen’s value plummets.

Yes, the Yankees are sure to have more depth in 2017, with a bullpen featuring the likes of Adam Warren, Tommy Layne, Bryan Mitchell, Betances, Tyler Clippard, and Chapman. However, the starting pitching and its lack of quality depth immediately subsides any value the ‘pen wishes to have.

If Michael Pineda is departing after the fifth inning with the Yanks trailing 7-3, that game will not be handed over to “ACDC” — yes, senseless nicknames are already being created.

The bullpen will be as dynamite as the starting pitching makes it look.

So, brace yourselves and hope for as many six-inning quality starts as possible. With the starting staff’s current look, those may be few and far between.