Despite a promising future, 2017 should feature a Yankee-less postseason for the fourth time in five years.

Postseason appearances will not be a concern for the New York Yankees in the near future. General manager Brian Cashman has masterfully set the organization up for sustained success.

With that said, judging from 2016’s success clip, the team is still in “wait and see” mode. Until hopeful stars turn into annual staples and reinforcements are contracted to supplement those stars in areas of weakness, the franchise will remain in transitional mode.

The 2017 campaign should prove to be no different.

While an aroma of optimism will consistently fill the air in the Bronx, Joe Girardi’s squad is smothered with uncertainty — an attribute that stems from reliance on youth.

Sure, the Yankees will be relevant. Yes, they will most definitely be more exciting than what the first half of 2016 had in store.

However, that does not mean they will be postseason bound. Here are the central reasons as to why:

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