Part Ways With Brett Gardner

While not imminent, the departure of Brett Gardner appears to be a conversation of “when” not “if.”

The 33-year-old left fielder has two years and $25 million dwelling on what’s considered to be a decently fair contract which includes a club option of $12.5 million for 2019 and a $2 million buyout.

His production — in the top-10 in walks, runs scored, hits, triples, and stolen bases among Yankees’ hitters since 1990 — and recent gold glove award justify such interest, but also means that he’ll cost the team who trades for him a decent amount.

In fact, the Yankees must be swept off their feet by a return that must incorporate young and almost MLB-ready power arms  — something Cashman seems obsessed with acquiring. Unless that’s the case, you may not see a trade happen just yet.

I’m sure New York would love to continue to employ their longest tenured player, but it makes sense to part ways.

The Yankees seemed obsessed with shaving veteran contracts and seeing what the kids have in store. If Cashman finds a partner while Clint Frazier is making his presence indisputable, don’t expect Garnder on the roster by next year’s deadline.