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Projecting the 2017 New York Yankees Opening Day roster

Way-To-Early Predictions: 86-76, Second Wild Card Spot 

This team isn’t getting enough love.

Yes, there are tons of “ifs” that encircle them but there was a different vibe in Yankee-land after the Baby Bombers made their season seem like a dawn of a new era instead of an immense failure.

After the deadline, New York went 32-26 including a near-perfect August that brought them from mediocrity into relevancy.

That was a team without a dynamic closer, consistency in their rotation, an effective first baseman and a slow start from their powerful young right fielder.

The bullpen should improve. The lineup has the potential to do wonderous things. And the fact that Cashman has put together a team that’s rebuilding but has the potential to succeed will send a positive message to the younger kids — similar to that of 2016’s second half.

“Why not us?” is a suitable vibe.

A lot of people, like admittedly myself, are counting these kids out but if Gary Sanchez proved anything from his historic surge it’s that these Baby Bombers may be too naive to know any better.

If the rotation holds its own and the immense potential of the offense is showcased, there’s no reason to believe this Yankees’ squad can’t sneak into the playoffs — even if it’s a mere Wild Card game appearance.

What do you think, fans? Is this what you envision the 2017 New York Yankees to look like? Don’t agree with the prediction? Let your voice be heard in the comments below!