New York Knicks’ Joakim Noah goes with the ‘mock clap’ towards Billy Donovan (Video)

Watch New York Knicks big man Joakim Noah go with the “mock clap” in the direction of his former collegiate head coach, Billy Donovan.

There’s no question that Joakim Noah envisioned a smoother start to his New York Knicks career. The big man simply hasn’t gotten it done in the early going. 

His flare, however, is another matter completely.

With his Knickerbockers hosting the Oklahoma City Thunder on Monday night, Noah continued his signature attitude with a “mock clap” towards a familiar face.

In the video above, Noah claps his way with attitude in the direction of his former collegiate head coach with the Florida Gators, Billy Donovan. Donovan, coach of the 10-8 Thunder, picked up a technical foul in the early going. This is what prompted the Knicks center to clap in a mocking, yet loving fashion.

With 8:59 to go in the second quarter, New York currently owns a 38-31 lead over Russell Westbrook‘s Oklahoma City squad.