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MLB Mascots Attempt The Mannequin Challenge (Video)

With the winter meetings going on, the mascots of the major leagues decided to have a little time during their offseason. 

Nothing beats the charisma and charm of major league baseball mascots.

While the general managers of MLB are discussing new ways to make the game better, their team’s mascots are striving to have some fun.

At the annual “Mascot Meetings,” they caught on to the trend that’s taking the internet — and world — by storm, the Mannequin Challange and boy was it a good one.

Mr. Met of the New York Mets, Orbit of the Houston Astros, Rangers Captain of the Texas Rangers, the Mariner Moose of the Seattle Mariners and Sluggerrr of the Kansas City Royals got together to participate in the challenge in what ended up becoming a pretty epic clip.

That is until the Mariner Moose decided to move thus sparking a quarrel between the characters.

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