UFC Octagon Girls Take On Mannequin Challenge (Video)

With your brother, sister, your mom and everybody else taking on the Mannequin Challenge, the lovely Octagon Girls of UFC decided to join in.

Yeah. We know why you bought the pay per view titled UFC 205. It wasn’t for local boys Frankie Edgar and Chris Wideman. It wasn’t for Joe Rogan, as we know that much.

It certainly wasn’t even for Conor McGregor’s shot at history when he took on and defeated Eddie Alvarez for the UFC Lightweight Championship.

You bought that pay per view for the UFC Octagon Girls. Let’s get real.

There are currently 11 of these lovely ladies. One, however, decided to post the girls latest venture on Instagram.

Brittney Palmer and the girls who worked UFC 205 at Madison Square Garden took on the infamous and already overdone Mannequin Challenge (video above).

While I say words like “stale” and “overdone,” I’m completely aware of the fact these girls can get away with just about anything. Mannequin your little hearts away beauties.

Oh, and here’s a little more of Brittney and the girls for good measure:

The main event starts NOW!!! Live on PPV #UFC205 #MSG #NYC #BrittneyPalmer @ufc @ufcoctagongirls

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"Keep your body still.." photo by @2wenty_ #palmerstudios

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"We all look for heaven and we put our love first…" ? @brandonalmengo ? @deumsuperomnia ? @glamandgab ? @bella_ana__

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Cutest #flashbackfriday ever! Baby #Hendrix Shot by @gregoriophotography MUA @rachaelvang Styled @alilevinedesign

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