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Top 10 Managers In New York Yankees History

6. Joe Girardi

If it was not for the forthcoming prestige, Girardi could have been ranked higher based on managing capabilities. As far as extracting the maximum potential from a team, the former catcher can be viewed as one the best the organization has hired.

In today’s age of baseball, he has perfectly adapted to the new usage of a bullpen, receiving only the best the best year in and year out.

Entering his 10th year as Yankees’ manager in 2017, he sports a record of 819-639, making him the sixth-winningest manager in franchise history.

If you take 2013, 2014, and 2016 as samples of Girardi’s ability to manage a team, he would earn a high-paying gig with any club. Despite managing non-playoff teams in those years, he turned inevitable losing clubs into shocking postseason contenders.

His 2009 World Series title solidified his legacy, christened a new ballpark, and likely kept him in his position — one he still holds to this day.