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Top 10 Managers In New York Yankees History

7. Billy Martin

Yes, Billy Martin served as the Yankees’ manager five different times. Let’s just say he and ownership were often at odds.

In stating that, let’s not lose light of the fact that he was a terrific major league skipper. He did, in fact, lead New York to an AL Pennant in 1976 and a World Series in 1977.

Despite the comical back-and-forth which produced multiple short-lived stints, Martin’s record in eight years at the helm was exceptional. He led the Yankees to a 556-385 (.591) record, raising questions as to why the leash was so short.

Honestly, who knows what was going through George Steinbrenner’s head in the 1980s.

Even considering the circumstances, he is deserving of some praise, having possessed desirable managerial qualities and the ability to win — something truly valued in Yankee-land.