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Top 10 Managers In New York Yankees History

8. Buck Showalter

Always the odd man out, or the forgotten one, Showalter earns his way to number eight on this list due to development. No one can deny the fact that he catalyzed a Yankee dynasty.

Had he been the manager from 1996-2000, the period directly after his departure, he would have been glorified as one of the greatest pinstriped skippers of all-time.

Showalter won 313 games between 1992 and 1995, anchoring winning seasons three out of the four years. Some argue that if the strike had not taken place in 1994, the Yankees — who were 70-43 (.619) through 113 games — would have won it all and broken their drought.

At any rate, he did go on to lead them to the playoffs in 1995, as the Bombers were bumped by the Seattle Mariners in five games.

His cool, calm, tactical manner in which he still goes about his business has led him on a respected path in baseball. Had he tasted glory with the Yankees, a completely different narrative would have been written.