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Top 10 Managers In New York Yankees History

9. Bob Lemon

Yet another Billy Martin replacement, Bob Lemon was able to lead the Yankees on their magical 1978 run, surmounting a 14-game deficit in the standings which concluded with a pivotal win at Fenway Park in a one-game playoff.

The moment he took over, New York went 48-20 (.706) the rest of the way to shock Boston and the sport of baseball, winning the World Series in six games over the Los Angeles Dodgers.

With the short ownership patience, fittingly enough, Billy Martin was back at the helm after a 34-31 start to the following campaign.

Lemon would find his way back to the Bronx, only to manage a total of 39 regular season games between 1981 and 1982. Fortunately for him, he was in the right place at the right time in ’81, taking part in a pennant-winning effort after a lackadaisical 11-14 finish to the season.