Could The New York Mets Actually Entertain Trading Noah Syndergaard?
Oct 5, 2016; New York City, NY, USA; New York Mets starting pitcher Noah Syndergaard (34) throws during the first inning against the San Francisco Giants in the National League wild card playoff baseball game at Citi Field. Mandatory Credit: Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

As much as the hardcore fan hates this idea, the New York Mets entertaining the thought of trading Noah Syndergaard actually makes sense.

As 24-year old Noah Syndergaard headed into his first full season with the New York Mets, there were high expectations for the flamethrower. The young stud lived up to all of those expectations with an ERA of 2.60 and 218 strikeouts in 30 games pitched.

Despite his dominance, it may make sense to throw him out on the market and see what bites.

One reason the Mets should entertain trading Thor is because they have a massive amount of young talent in the starting rotation.

Heading into 2017, the Mets notable names such as Matt Harvey, Jacob Degrom, Steven Matz, and even Zack Wheeler will be returning. Not only will they be getting these guys back from injury, but Seth Lugo and Robert Gsellman surprisingly burst on the scene and proved to be capable of giving quality starts down the stretch.

If the Mets were to ever entertain the thought of trading Syndergaard, they’d also have the option of bringing back the fan favorite Bartolo Colon, who proved that he still has what it takes to pitch at a high level by putting up one of his best seasons at the age of 43.

Another reason trading Syndergaard should be considered boils down to the Mets need for a big time bat to go along with Yoenis Cespedes. If the Mets re-sign Cespedes for the 2017 campaign, he will certainly need more help than he’s had the past two years.

So why not throw out a cray idea like trading for Nolan Arenado?

The Colorado Rockies are a team who needs a powerful young arm and the Mets have just that in 24-year old Noah Syndergaard. Also, with David Wright seemingly at the end of his career due to injuries the need for another big-time third baseman. If the Mets can find the right players to package with Syndergaard, a trade between the two teams is certainly possible and it would benefit both teams.

Obviously, snagging a bonafide stud like Arenado is easier said than done.

While the trade should definitely be something to consider, there are also reasons why the Mets would want to hold onto their young pitcher.

Syndergaard made just $535K in 2016 and will make around the same amount until he is eligible for arbitration in 2018. He is also under team control until 2022 ,which is a favorable contract that many of the Mets pitchers have.

While the Mets will likely hold off on a Noah Syndergaard trade heading into the 2017 season, it is definitely something the organization should consider, especially if they could get a middle of the lineup bat to go along with Cespedes.

Hopefully, Noah can replicate his 2016 season and improve on a stellar season so that his trade value can skyrocket and help the Mets get a huge trade haul. But, for now, the Mets will be looking for the superhero Thor to carry them to a World Series championship in 2017.