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Ranking The Best Current MLB Postseason Play-By-Play Broadcasters

1. Joe Buck

Fine, bring on the hate. Just do it. Continue to under-appreciate the best there is.

Here are the constant remarks:

1. “He hates my team”

2. “He is biased”

3. “He is over-utilized”

Here is the brutal truth: if you think someone on a national broadcast is biased, they are doing their job. If your team was winning, your perspective would be flipped.

Buck’s swagger in the most important of moments is something you cannot teach. His quality of saying less and letting a hyped up crowd take over is something everyone should take note of.


Simply put, there is no one more qualified to be doing what he is doing. Why is he utilized so much? He is amazing.

When the Fall Classic rolls around this year, do not play into the general mold. Do not hate.

Be unique and value Joe Buck for what he is. Play-by-play guys like him do not come around very often.