Derrick Rose Rape Case: Friend Of Accuser Claims She Lied For Money
Sep 26, 2016; White Plains, NY, USA; New York Knicks point guard Derrick Rose addresses the media during the New York Knicks Media Day at Ritz-Carlton. Mandatory Credit: Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

The friend of a woman (“Jane Doe”) who has asserted Knicks point guard Derrick Rose and two friends gang raped in her California home says the accuser is lying for money.

Daniel Werly of The White Bronco, who has done extensive coverage of the Rose case, was the first to report. Here is an excerpt from Gabriela Chavez’s statement.

“We had a lot of fun in Las Vegas. During the trip to Vegas, the plaintiff told me that she had not heard from Derrick Rose for a while, and she had recently had sex with Derrick and two of his friends — Randall and Allen. She told me she had sex with all three of them, and that she was upset that Derrick was okay with it. At no time did she ever state or claim that Derrick Rose (or his friends) had raped her or done anything non-consensual. Just the opposite: she informed me in her own words that she had partied with them and been with all of them, but all indications were that it was consensual.”

“I bluntly asked her is she was raped. She said “no” but that she did sleep with all three men. A month or so later, she told me she was going to sue and that she expected an out of court settlement.”

Werly writes that the impact of this statement could be minimized if Doe testifies she was uncomfortable sharing the truth with her friend. Rose has maintained he isn’t too worried about the case and that his job this summer is to focus on basketball.

Should Rose decline to settle the case out of court, trial is scheduled to start Oct. 4, the same day as the Knicks first pre-season game against Houston and the same day Rose turns 28 years old.

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