New York Mets & Miami Marlins Will Play Monday Despite Tragic Loss Of Jose Fernandez
Anthony Gruppuso, USATSI

Despite Sunday’s game being cancelled due to Jose Fernandez’s death, the Miami Marlins will play the New York Mets on Monday.

This morning, the Miami Marlins and the rest of the MLB community lost All-Star pitcher Jose Fernandez in a tragic boating accident. In response, today’s series finale between the Atlanta Braves and Miami Marlins has been cancelled. The next game on the Marlin’s schedule is tomorrow’s matchup against the New York Mets.

Shortly after the announcement of today’s game’s cancellation, the Marlins released that they plan to play tomorrow’s game. The game will be filled with emotion, considering not only that Fernandez was scheduled to pitch, but also that Marlins fans will never see their beloved All-Star take the mound again.

Jose Fernandez did not work for the Miami Marlins. Yes, he made the money his skill deserved, but Fernandez simply played the game with joy. His smile, one strikeout after next, was proof that Fernandez loved the game of baseball.

As for the rest of his teammates, they get to play another game. They will get to play another series, and play another season. Hopefully all of the Miami Marlins, and the rest of the MLB, will get to play until they no longer see it as play, like Fernandez did.

Tomorrow’s New York Mets game against the Marlins will still carry value towards the playoff push. Both teams should play competitively, and both teams should play to win, as long as they play with the heart that Fernandez did. He would have never wanted what made him smile so much, to stop, because of his loss. He would just encourage each and every one of his teammates, and each and every other player, to enjoy the game.

Jose Fernandez will be dearly missed.