The up and down left and right season that is the 2016 New York Mets continues to strangely truck along after Thursday night heroics.

When the bat of Asdrubal Cabrera was flung two-handed near home plate of Citi Field on Thursday night, only one thought circled through the minds of fans.

This thought directly ties to euphoria.

Cabbie, as his friends like to call him, added one more 2016 New York Mets moment to the bulletin board. Another unlikely moment to occur after all expectations equaled doom and horror.

When the euphoric feeling passed, the other distinct feeling crept into our minds.

How in the world is this team doing it?

Beaten down time and time again, this Terry Collins club refuses to lay on the mat. Usually, when a fighter takes a sweet swift straight to the chin, he/she lies unconscious for a few moments. If not knocked out, they’ll fight to their feet and stagger back to the defeated position. 

The 2016 Mets just don’t understand how to take a beating.

Significant 2016 Injuries/Demotions:

Just take one hard look at this list. It’s basically a full roster of MLB talent. It’s a team that another manager could start his franchise with yet Sandy Alderson and Terry Collins are tied for the first NL Wild Card spot at this very moment without them.

This list isn’t even counting the lesser injury situations such as Jon Niese and Justin Ruggiano.

The point? It’s simple: you’d be hard-pressed to find a team of this ilk. A team who’s dealt with so many issues, health scares and drama until only to come back foaming at the mouth for more joy (or potential pain).

The 2015 version of the Amazins was entirely different. These guys were a club scraping by with a minor league lineup only to have everything come together at once after the trade deadline. The acquisitions of Juan Uribe, Kelly Johnson, and, of course, Yoenis Cespedes, kicked off the turnaround and ultimate return of David Wright.

That passion, energy, and talent carried them to the World Series.

The 2016 version isn’t that at all. Instead, the 2016 Mets resemble that little brother who always looks to one-up the big brother, despite not having enough talent. They’re that scrappy bunch who always leaves you wondering if they’ll make it.

They simply fight fiercely enough against all of the bad luck to the point it makes the fan have no idea what the end result will be.

When looking at the current state of the union, it’s hard to imagine the trio of Reyes, Cabbie and Yo can literally carry this team through powerhouse October pitching. It’s hard to fathom Curtis Granderson continuing this hot streak until no more breaths are left. It’s impossible to grasp the idea of Noah Syndergaard and Bartolo Colon as the last two pitchers standing at the end of a 2016 World Series championship.

At the same time, it’s also tough to bet against these guys. It’ll be wise to hold that bet instead of doubling-down in opposition of these fiery Mets.

Just like you, I have zero idea of what to expect on Friday night in Game 2 against the Philadelphia Phillies. I have no clue what’s going to transpire over the last two weeks of the season.

I know one thing’s for sure, though: I won’t bet against whoever is left standing wearing the blue and orange.

Every time we think they’re dead, they pop up from the canvas salivating to take on more abuse. Their ace Jacob deGrom goes down for the season, so the Grandyman hits two clutch home runs. Steven Matz gets tagged with the end of season diagnosis, so Reyes and Cabbie come to the rescue.

This is too strange. Just when they allow us to think they’re dead, they force us to get reeled in again.

So sit back, relax, kick your feet up and don’t think at all. Don’t think simply because it’s not worth it.

These Mets give you too much to think about. Just allow it to unfold.

Robby Sabo is a co-founder, CEO and credentialed New York Jets content creator for Jets X-Factor - Jet X, which includes Sabo's Sessions (in-depth film breakdowns) and Sabo with the Jets. Host: Underdog Jets Podcast with Wayne Chrebet and Sabo Radio. Member: Pro Football Writers of America. Coach: Port Jervis (NY) High School. Washed up strong safety and 400M runner. SEO: XL Media. Founder: Elite Sports NY - ESNY (Sold in 2020). SEO: XL Media. Email: robby.sabo[at]