World Cup of Hockey: What Team USA Needs From Patrick Kane
Aaron Doster, USATSI

Team USA proved to be an upset during their first game of the World Cup. Alternate Captain Patrick Kane needs to help change that.

Team USA did not show up on Saturday in their devastating loss to Team Europe.

Included in the game was several attempts at competing, all of which failed.

The Americans ran into New York Islanders goalie Jaroslav Halak, who was a brick wall for Team Europe.

However, this is the World Cup of Hockey. A shutout like that cannot be accepted.

The Americans are seen as one of, if not the favorite of the entire tournament. They are up there with Team Canada, who is currently 1-0-0 in the games.

Can anything help the U.S.? Is there a player just waiting for his moment?

There sure is: alternate Captain Patrick Kane.

No. 88 in the red, white and blue sweater has the ability to actually lead the team in the offensive category.

Kane’s silky smooth hands, speed and vision make him one of the best players on the offensive side of the puck not only on the team but in the world as well.

He needs to put that stick handling of his to good use.

Granted, of course, it is much harder during a game. The video above depicts what Kane can do when there is no one around him.

Trying to do the same thing against, let’s say Europe’s Zdeno Chara or Canada’s Brent Burns, would be on a totally different level.

Yet, Kane has done it before against big time defenders with Chicago. He can do it on the International stage as well, which he has done as well.

Kane is also gifted in playing keep away, and that works to the advantage of the Americans. But it gets to a point when it is too much, as was seen in game one, that ends up being costly.

The Art Ross Trophy is given to the player who scores the most point in the given season. No. 88 is the most recent recipient of the NHL’s scoring title, so that speaks volumes to what he can do.

If the Americans have any chance of making a statement in the World Cup this year, Kane will have to act, as will the rest of the team.

The team has to work as one in order to achieve glory. There is no denying that.

If Kane can get a jumpstart to his game, his linemates will get better. As his linemates get better and they gain more chemistry, everything should line up after that.

He is simply one of the major keys to success on Team USA. If he wasn’t, he wouldn’t have made the team. Kane will heat up shortly, as long as he does what he does best.

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