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New York Mets’ Noah Syndergaard Shows Off His Acting Skills (Video)

New York Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard showed off his acting skills with some hilarious impressions in the latest episodes of The Amazin’ Life.

Noah Syndergaard can come off as dry sometimes when talking to the media but he’s actually a pretty funny guy. Just look at his twitter account if you don’t believe it.

The best impression was the “A League Of Their Own” reference with Noah Syndergaard asking the picture of Wilmer Flores if he was crying. Poor Wilmer will never live that down.

If Syndergaard ever gets bored of pitching, maybe he can look into acting.

In past episodes of “The Amazin’ Life” by SNY, Syndergaard has made his case to ban the wave and he even worked undercover at the Mets team store which led to some pretty comical content.

Noah Syndergaarrd and the Mets are rolling as they find themselves in the lead of the top Wild Card spot. They should keep doing these weekly videos they’re obviously working.


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