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Mookie Wilson And Bill Bucker Star In New Commercial (Video)


Former New York Mets and Boston Red Sox stars Mookie Wilson and Bill Buckner starred in a new commercial for MLB Network.

Look at these two good sports. Nearly 30 years after one of the most infamous moments in World Series history, Mookie Wilson and Bill Buckner appear to be getting along just fine.

Their commercial together wasn’t the first time the two have appeared on T.V. together, as they both had a role on an episode of HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm several years ago. Clearly, the joy of victory and agony of defeat has not harmed their relationship. If anything, it may have brought them closer together.

Of course, the cool and calm Buckner appears to be catching everything in the commercial. The jovial Wilson compliments him perfectly.

MLB Network also deserves kudos for the commercial idea. When viewers see Wilson and Buckner together in a diner, what baseball fan is going to change the channel?

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