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Why The Rest Of Baseball Should Fear The New York Yankees

Stellar Bullpen

What if I were to tell you: this unit is actually better than the unit that contained “No Runs DMC?”

Now, before the angry mob arrives, understand just how surprisingly good the Yankees’ pen has been over the second half of 2016.

Entering Friday night, the bullpen’s overall ERA with “No-Runs DMC” was 3.78 and since the break has been at a steadfast 2.95. The home run rate has declined, the batting average against has reduced significantly, and even the percentage of runners left on base has shot up.

Even though Dellin Betances has struggled as of late, his strikeout rate is still at a startling 15.9 while his walks per nine innings have decreased from 4.3 last season to 3.1 right now.

Throw that, the sneaky yet incredible addition of Tyler Clippard (0.53 ERA, 17 INN, 18 K’s) along with manager Joe Girardi’s impeccable ability to mix and match pitchers in their most fitting match-ups, this is one scary bullpen.