Why The Rest Of Baseball Should Fear The New York Yankees

Noah K. Murray-USATSI
Noah K. Murray-USATSI

As the New York Yankees look to further themselves in the most improbable of postseason runs, they are making themselves look very scary toward their American League counterparts. 

No one expected a “Why The Rest Of Baseball Should Fear The New York Yankees” slideshow to come at any point after the trade deadline. Yet, here it is.

Ever since New York had a 52-52 record and the bartering of their two best relievers, their best hitter, and one of their starting pitchers, the baseball world saw the Yankees enter a rebuild.

With that, up came the kids and down went the expectations as the Bombers were envisioning a sub-.500 season for the first time since 1992.

Then, one of the most remote runs in contemporary memory began as the re-constructing Yankees would commence a burst no one saw coming.

Since the fire sale, New York is 23-13 which is good enough for a tie with the defending World Series Champions, the Kansas City Royals, for the best record in the American League in that span.

Following Friday night’s 7-5 win over the Tampa Bay Rays — their sixth straight win — the Yankees pulled themselves within one game out of the second Wild Card spot.

Somehow, the Yankees are as legitimate as anyone and the league is, or at least should be, taking note. This has become one of those special runs in which anything and everything starts to go their way.

Do you think Toronto, Baltimore, or Boston want to contend with a team like that?

ESNY has rationalization as to why the rest of baseball should fear the now-scary New York Yankees team as baseball’s postseason race is about to hit prime time.

Shield your eyes, baseball fans. This could be pretty horrifying for you.

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  1. Absolutely right! What’s amusing is that right now, they’re 76-65 (7 straight wins) and only 1/2 game behind the second wild card slot 1 and yet ESPN pegs their chances at making the playoffs at just 13.5% (really?) while the Detroit Tigers and Baltimore Orioles (both at 76-64) are at 36.3% and 55.8% respectively. One of those teams will go down to 76-65 and tied with the Yankees as they’re playing each other tonight.

    If they sweep the Rays tomorrow Sunday and wind up at 77-65, and if Orioles and Tigers split their 2 games for tonight and tomorrow, then the THREE of them would be 77-65 and tied for the 2nd wild card slot. And Yankees would be at most 3 games behind Boston for the AL East lead. In fact, if the Blue Jays beat them tomorrow, the Jays and Bosox would be tied for the AL East Lead at 79-63, just TWO games ahead of the Yankees! And the Yankees play Boston 7 more times and Toronto 4 more times this season. They could even win the AL East! Maybe that’s the 13.5% chances we are talking about, winning the division. But making the postseason as a wild card? I think by now it is as high as 40-50%!

    All they’re doing with these low predictions is to make it an even more epic story when the Yankees DO make the postseason. Now they were at 52-52 when they did the firesale and are 24-13 since then. But even better, they were at 56-56 after 112 games AND THEN really started getting got. They are 20-9 ever since. If they just win 14 of their last 21 games (meaning, win every remaining series they play this year, and it is NOT unrealistic for them to do that the way they’re plah=ying), then they’ll be at 90-72 for the season. Certainly enough to make a Wild Card spot, perhaps even win the Division as the Bosox are themselves on pace to win 90-91 games this season, not more.

    GO YANKEES and thanks for this article!

  2. OK, it is end of games for Saturday Sept 10 and the Orioles (now 77-64) beat the Tigers (now 76-65, tied with Yankees at 1 game out of 2nd wild card spot).

    But another funny thing: they both currently have 76-65 records, but Detroit’s chances of making postseason are now placed at 43.9% while NYY’s chances are currently 17.1% – LOL!

    At any rate, for tomorrow’s games, if NYY wins and sweeps Tampa Bay, and if Justin Verlander and Detroit can beat Baltimore, then the Yankees, Orioles and Tigers will all be tied for the 2nd wild card slot at 77-65. Yankees (and O’s) will either be 3 games behind Boston (80-62 if they beat Blue Jays) for AL East lead, or just 2 games behind Boston and Toronto who will be tied at 79-63 if Toronto wins. Not only is a wild card spot within reach, but even the division title as well!

    This will be quite a homestretch!