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Why The Rest Of Baseball Should Fear The New York Yankees

The Kids

There is no possibility the Yankees would be where they are at this moment without the help of the “Baby Bombers.”

Gary Sanchez’s permanent promotion on August 3 kicked off the youth movement along with the rebuild and boy it has been fun to watch.

Since the day the Kraken became the next Yankees’ starting catcher, they have had the best record (22-12) in the American League while only the only team in baseball that has a better mark in that span are the Chicago Cubs.

That is essentially thanks to Gary’s .341/.417/.707 slash line with 12 home runs but don’t think for a second that Sanchez is the only baby doing some bombing.

In September, Tyler Austin is 7-for-19 (.368) with two home runs — one bomb, one walk off — and an extraordinary OPS of 1.244.

Aaron Judge has had his struggles, but it’s undeniable that his enormous strikeout rate (38 K’s in 85 PA) won’t decrease just like you shouldn’t think he is not critical to the Yankees’ playoff chase.

One could even make the argument that if Judge heats up, the youngsters could singlehandedly bring New York to the playoffs themselves.

Perhaps major league pitching has yet to figure them out. Perhaps they are too innocent to feel the pressure of a playoff race. Or maybe they really are the next great Yankees’ core of young talent.

One thing is for sure, though, this Yankees team would still be in the cellar without these red-hot prospects.

The Ace