Elite Sports NY’s 2016 NFL Preview & Predictions

Kyle Terada, USATSI
Kyle Terada, USATSI

NFC Playoffs

Wild Card Round:

  • #4 Dallas Cowboys over #5 Arizona Cardinals
  • #3 Carolina Panthers over #6 New York Giants

Divisional Round:

  • #1 Green Bay Packers over #4 Dallas Cowboys
  • #3 Carolina Panthers over #2 Seattle Seahawks

NFC Championship Game:

  • #1 Green Bay Packers over #3 Carolina Panthers

packers_150Unfortunately for the other team in New York, their former friend, Dave Gettlemen, will get the better of them in the wild card round. The Panthers will take that momentum all the way to the NFC Championship Game before getting knocked off by the most consistent team in the NFL all season long, the Green Bay Packers.

Arizona will have to regroup after realizing Carson Palmer cannot get the job done when it matters most. Dallas will control the entire game on the ground and shock the world by making it to the Divisional Round with rookie Dak Prescott (yes, something else will happen to Tony Romo along the way).

The Round 2 matchup of the Panthers and Seattle Seahawks will be the game of the season. It’ll be an old-fashioned, hard-hitting slobberknocker.

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