Seattle Mariners Outfielder Leonys Martin Makes An Incredible Leaping Catch (Video)

Seattle Mariners outfielder Leonys Martin made one of the most amazing catches you will ever see.

There have been many great home run saving catches throughout the major league baseball season, but the most recent one was astonishing.

On Monday night, Seattle Mariners center fielder Leonys Martin made a leaping catch to take away a home run from Ian Desmond of the Texas Rangers (video above).

It was not just the catch, though. The fact that he effortlessly glided to the wall, without using his hands as an aid, and still made that one-handed catch was tremendous. Then, afterwards, he cracked a smile, looking as if he was impressed with himself.

The Mariners lost the game to the Rangers, 6-3, but Martin made one of the best human highlight catches you’ll ever see this season.

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