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Carlos Beltran Gets Baffling Buzz Cut (Photo)

Former New York Yankees’ right fielder Carlos Beltran is sporting a look which, for the record, is considerably odd.

Hey, Carlos Boozer.

Oh, wait, wrong guy. The differentiation is too difficult to come by these days.

Perhaps the Texas heat has overtaken Carlos Beltran’s head. That haircut it simply outrageous, pitiful, comical … you name it.

For a 39-year-old who has hit .221 since his arrival in Texas, this questionable decision just adds to his unappealing nature. Come on, now.

It is almost as if the barber sliced off a layer of his head and all that is remaining is some excess color. In fact, it looks as fake as an animation; a video game.

Take notes, “MLB The Show.” You may finally develop a player who is a spitting image of the human being himself.

Carlos, take advantage of your ordeal while you can. That kind of decision gets eaten up here in New York.

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