Never Ask Marshawn Lynch To Sign A Patriots Shirt (Photo)

Don’t make the mistake of asking former NFL running back Marshawn Lynch to sign your prized Patriots shirt. You won’t like what happens.

***Warning: above photo contains NSFW language

The old autograph session is one of the classics.

Fans wait for hours in lines longer than those seen at Walt Disney World only to speak to their favorite athlete or celebrity for 30 seconds. What’s worse, is the signature the fan just received is probably worth nothing.

Then, though, a character like Marshawn Lynch comes to the party.

Lynch, who was at an autograph session in Australia of all places, brought personality to the table – to the signing table, that is.

A fan who brought a Patriots shirt to Beast Mode came away with a shocker. Lynch first crossed out the team name of Patriots, and then wrote “Seahawks!!!”

The best part of the story is what Lynch wrote below that: “BEAST MODE U B–CH.”

H/T Twitter, @AllNFL_

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