Mark Sanchez Gets Dissed By Denver Broncos’ Team Program


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Mark Sanchez can’t catch a break.

The disrespect for Denver Broncos quarterback Mark Sanchez is getting a little out of hand. And by “out of hand,” I mean, absolutely hilarious, whether warranted or not.

First, word comes out that the Broncos are leaning towards starting 2015 7th-round draft pick (250th overall) Trevor Siemian at quarterback to begin the season.

Now, his employer can’t even get the right face above his name on the team’s program.

You may remember Sanchez. You know, the guy whom the New York Jets traded up to get, and subsequently led the team to two consecutive AFC championship games. Of course, only if getting carried by a dominant defense and rushing attack as a poor decision making rookie constitutes being a leader.

Pretty ironic isn’t it?

The man that cares more about GQ photoshoots and his playboy persona than actually playing football is… Well, a forgotten player.

Not to mention, his face was replaced with kicker Brandon McManus of all people.

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