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LLWS Coach Shares Special Moment With Son (Video)

LLWS Coach Joel Jensen went to the mound to tell his son that he loves him and that this would be his last batter, a truly amazing moment.

Apparently, I’ve become the Little League World Series guy here at ESNY. Just another amazing moment from the tournament from this LLWS Coach that has become a viral sensation.

In the heat of competition, it’s important to remember that this is just Little League and it is supposed to be for fun. That’s just a great moment from a father to his son.

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It’s not always easy to be under heavy pressure as a kid. Hell, I was a nervous wreck just playing in Little League championship games. But to have your dad come out to the mound to calm you down is always a plus.

I had the luxury of having my dad as my coach from when I was about four years old to 16 years old. It always helped me when he’d come out for a mound visit or to talk to me before a big at bat.

Granted, I was never on ESPN, but I can still relate to and appreciate moments like this.

Shout out to this dad for being a great example to all youth coaches out there. In the end, they’re just kids. The parents who put a lot of pressure on their kids aren’t helping anyone. So kudos to you Joel Jensen, for doing it the right way.

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