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LLWS: Mom Battling Cancer Interviewed While Son Blasts Home Run (Video)

JT Garcia hits a home run in the LLWS while his mom, who is battling cancer, is being interviewed. What a moment.

This is one of those, “This is why we love sports” moments. In many cases, these moments seem like a Hollywood script.

It seemed like a movie scene at the Little League World Series.

It’s just so perfect that JT Garcia’s mom, Jen, who is battling cancer, was being interviewed while her son hit a home run.

Seeing her reaction of pure joy is amazing. That’s what makes the international tournament so great.

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Not knowing the players going in, there are typically storylines that you can get behind which is what makes it interesting.

Seeing this story unfold live on TV is great. There is a lot of garbage on TV but it’s good to see really great moments be captured, like this, for the world to see.

Wishing Jen the best in her battle with cancer.

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