New York Mets

In the middle of a heated game with wild-card implications between the Cardinals and Mets, Jay Bruce left with a leg cramp.

Just as things appeared to be looking up for Jay Bruce, the feeling vanished quicker than a Bruce strikeout.

After blooping a base-hit down the left field line — his first hit since Aug. 18th — Bruce strolled into second base with a look of relief and satisfaction on his face … and then the cramps arrived.

Of course, Bruce made sure to pad his batting statistics as a Met — now 13-for-77 — before taking the night off at Busch Stadium — he’s now slashing .158/.247/.263 with two home runs and six RBI in New York.

So, remember, while Yoenis Cespedes battled and played through a nagging quad strain in July, Bruce couldn’t drink enough water to stay in a late August game with wild-card positioning at stake.

He was replaced with Alejandro De Aza.

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