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New York Yankees: Gary Sanchez Destroys Al Leiter’s Laptop (Video)

It appears as though New York Yankees’ rookie catcher Gary Sanchez likes to force damage upon laptops in addition to baseballs. 

I wonder if Al Leiter will be sending a repair bill to the Gary Sanchez household anytime soon.

Leiter, who is a YES Network analyst and former Yankees’ pitcher, was harmlessly giving his input on Sunday’s New York Yankees‘ game before a foul ball off the bat of the red-hot Sanchez made its way into the booth.

The ball did not strike anyone, but it did ricochet off of Leiter’s laptop causing some damage to the opposite site of the screen.

I’m sure all will be forgiven once Sanchez leads the Bombers to an improbable playoff appearance. Until then, the prospect owes the retired World Champion a laptop!

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