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New York Yankees: Brett Gardner Makes Epic Catch To Rob Home Run (Video)

In a game in which everything is going right for the New York Yankees, Brett Gardner made a catch that will be replayed in highlight reels for years to come. 

Catches like the one New York Yankees‘ left fielder Brett Gardner just made are not seen on a daily basis.

Angels’ first baseman, C.J. Cron, lifted a high fly ball in the bottom of the seventh to left field in what should have been his twelve home run of 2016. However, Gardner raced over and took a leap of faith into the first row in left.

After some doubt on whether or not he came up with the catch, the speedster emerged from the crowd with the ball in hand.

Not only did Gardner save two runs and keep a shutout intact, but he also made an enormous bid for “Catch Of The Year.” Folks, you won’t see a catch like this for quite some time.

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