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New York Yankees: Fenway Crowd Chants ‘We Want A-Rod’ (Video)

The New York Yankees left Alex Rodriguez on the bench Tuesday night, drawing chants from a rowdy Fenway Park crowd.

With Alex Rodriguez’s impending retirement, a premium is placed on each and every at-bat. Whether it was a Boston crowd in search of another tremendous “boo”, or simply desiring another A-Rod at-bat, 38,089 fans united in a “we want A-Rod” chant.

Prior to the game, the 41-year-old expressed disappointment in the decision to only start him in one of the three games in Boston. As made public, his final game will come Friday at Yankee Stadium.

As each and every opportunity passes, fans will continually want to witness Rodriguez and his 696 career home runs once more.

With the Red Sox maintaining a comfortable 5-2 lead in the ninth, why not? The opportunity to witness baseball theatre will never be served up.

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