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Ichiro Collects Hit No. 3,000 (Video)

Baseball legend Ichiro Suzuki collected hit number 3,000 at Coors Field on Sunday.

The nonsense of combined hits vs. actual hits can now come to an end.

If not already, Ichiro Suzuki just solidified himself as a baseball legend. With a seventh-inning triple off Chris Rusin, the 42-year-old became the 30th man in baseball history to reach the 3,000-hit plateau.

He also joined Paul Molitor as only the second player to reach 3,000 with a three-bagger.

Coming over from Japan in 2001, it only took him 16 years to reach the mark. Additionally, it was hit number 4,278 combined between Japan and the United States.

With 3,000 evidently in the back of his head, Ichiro extended his career by a solid three years at the tail-end to earn the milestone. Now, he is undoubtedly headed to Cooperstown.

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