Top catching prospect Gary Sanchez was given the first call to the Bronx by the New York Yankees and it has given us a sneak peak and what the future holds. 

The numbers that are stitched onto Gary Sanchez’s back says it all on how the New York Yankees view his third and latest call to the Bronx.

For those who haven’t seen the polarizing catching prospect in the bigs yet, he now sports the number 24 after being given the number 73 during his brief call-up last year and 57 during his one game played as a desperation call against Chris Sale.

Those type of digits is seldom distributed to someone of superstar status and usually handed to prospects who aren’t expected to amount to anything that given season.

However, after the sale at the deadline, they called up Sanchez to mark a new era and his brand-new number tells that very narrative.

Originally signed from the Dominican Republic in a $3 million deal as a 16-year old, Sanchez has worked his way through New York’s farm system and is making an impact that could be used as a foreshadow of more things to come in the Bronx.

Through his concise four games in the pros, the 36-ranked prospect by Baseball America has four hits in 16 at-bats along with two RBI and two runs scored. Additionally, he threw two runners out in his first game as a major league catcher after years of scrutiny by scouts over his shortage of defensive skill.

Sure, one could argue that the promotion of Rob Refnsyder or Luis Severino was the start of the youth movement but this promotion and success in little time reveals a distinctive vibe throughout the confines of Yankee Stadium.

Severino was called up in 2015 to perhaps spark a struggling rotation to a postseason berth, which he did. Refsnyder was called up as an injury replacement and was brought to the roster this season for the same reason but has fallen into the utility man role. Neither of the two were acknowledged as “gateways into the future.”

Sanchez is here because New York is ready to get a legitimate taste of what they believe to be the brightest of futures.

Sure it took the selling of their biggest chances to win “now” as general manager Brian Cashman sold off Aroldis Chapman, Andrew Miller, and Carlos Beltran but it revamped the farm and got fans across Yankee Land to start believing in their next core group.

Sanchez, Refsnyder, and Severino will be joined soon by the monster Aaron Judge, Clint Frazier, and Greg Bird, with more to expect from a Yankees’ farm system that includes seven prospects in’s top-100 list.

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The latest call-up, simply put, is just the first of the next generation of potential superstars to take center stage. If you think he’s been exciting to watch – which he has been – just wait because there’s more on the way.

The best part about the appearances of the newest “Baby Bombers” is that they might even sell out a crowd or two as the field would be defended by young, fiery athletes instead of the decrepit veterans that fans are used to seeing.

Hey, maybe the young guns could even spark a winning trend for the .500-Yankees

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