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New York Yankees: Ranking The Worst Mark Teixeira Meltdowns

5. June 2, 2009 — Mark Teixeira vs. Vicente Padilla

Well, let’s say there is no love lost between these two. Throughout Padilla’s career, he was known as a guy who did not hesitate to come inside. Intentional or not, he made his presence known.

Teixeira did not necessary like his style, leading to numerous earfuls from the Yankee first baseman dating back to his time with the Texas Rangers.

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With that said, when Tex stepped up for an early June at-bat in only his third month in the Bronx, Padilla came inside. The big switch-hitter, in his normal fashion, took exception to the hit-by-pitch.

Evidently shouting at the right-hander as he slowly walked to first, he felt his voice needed to be heard. Thankfully for both teams, this one did not get out of hand.

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