New York Mets: How Is Trainer Ray Ramirez Still Employed?
Noah K. Murray, USATI

How does the most infamous trainer in all of sports, the New York Mets trainer Ray Ramirez still have a job?

It’s not always easy to call for someones head. You have to realize that these guys are people too and they have to make a living. As fans, sometimes we forget that athletes, coaches, and in this case trainers are people just like us.

But in reality, if your job performance is subpar and mistakes are consistent, you would lose your job. Ray Ramirez has been with the Mets since 1983 and for the past 12 years he’s been the head athletic trainer.

Over the span that he’s been trainer, the Mets have completely mismanaged injury situations time and time again. From sending Ryan Church on an airplane with a concussion to the most recent Yoenis Cespedes debacle.

It just seems physically impossible for a team to be this injured this often. It happened in 2009 when Jose Reyes, Carlos Delgado, J.J. Putz, John Maine, and Johan Santana all went down with season ending injuries.

The same has happened in 2016 as the Mets could currently field a starting 9 with players who are on the DL.

The R.A.Y. system perfectly sums up how the Mets manage injuries. They rest for a few days, then have a few pinch hit appearances followed by the Mets finally deciding to DL the player.

In the most recent case of Yoenis Cespedes, he should’ve been placed on the DL weeks ago, but instead he tried to play through injuries, hit poorly and then re-injured himself while playing when he should’ve been resting. He could be getting ready to come off the DL soon, but instead is just now going on.

No one knows when Zack Wheeler is coming back, that timetable keeps changing and it looks like Lucas Duda is done for the year.

When is someone going to be held accountable? It absolutely must fall on the head of the trainer. Whether it’s fair or not, everyone knows Ray Ramirez’s name, which is a bad thing and he has to be the one who takes the fall here.

Will it help anything? There’s no way to tell but, you can’t tell me that Ramirez has done good during his time as head trainer. It’s time for him to pack his things and hit the road. He can take the bone spurs with him while he’s at it.

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