Mike Francesa Takes Credit For Bringing Mike Piazza To The New York Mets
Andy Marlin, USATI

WFAN’s Mike Francesa explained his role in bringing Mike Pizza to the New York Mets during his Thursday afternoon show.

Mike Francesa has had a remarkably successful career. Part of which includes commentating on CBS and hosting a successful radio show on WFAN. It also has included a position in the front office for the New York Mets.

Wait, what?

If you didn’t know any better, you’d think Francesa was a member of the New York Mets brass when the club acquired Mike Piazza in 1998 after listening to Thursday’s show. The “Sports Pope” explained that because former owner Nelson Doubleday heard Francesa and former co-host Chris “Mad Dog” Russo on the radio with former Mets general manager Steve Phillips, a pursuit of Piazza should be made.

Francesa then explained that he and Russo were not taking any credit for their “role” in Doubleday having a change of heart.

If Francesa mentioned that they weren’t taking any credit, but now explains in detail how they had influenced Doubleday’s decision, then he’s indirectly crediting himself. It’s funny how Piazza’s retirement speech didn’t mention the WFAN legend, isn’t it?.

Listen, uhkay? Francesa brought New York the best Piazza they’ve ever had. Kind of.

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    • HE can mention it all he wants. But we can also laugh at him. NO team has ever given a f*** about him or anything he said. So to think that the Mets were saying “Oh noes! You know those guys on FAN that only pimple faced virgins who will DIE virgins listen to? They are saying we should get Piazza. We better do it now!”

      Look..I’m SORRY you are so lonely that suicide in inevitable for you. But that doesn’t mean that those idiots had ANY influence on ANY decision ever made by ANYONE.

      How many CHINS do you have anyway? That is selfish of yoi. There are some people that don’t have any chins at all. And here you are hogging them all.

    • The saddest part is that you actually JOINED Disqus just to say that? WOW! How the hell HAVE you staved off those suicidal thoughts this long? When it is SO clear that it is the best thing for everyone.

  1. He has a point, I remember those days and he and Russo were all over the Mets when the Baltmore and Anahiem rumors were growing. During Hall of Fame weekend, I heard Phillips on Sirius saying that he went to talk to Piazza’s agent with an offer of about 87 million and the agent said that Doubleday had just stated that he is willing to go 91 or 92 million. Quite frankly, the Wilpons would go with a bunch of bargain basement players if they could get away with it.

    • You are literally the first person that has ever said that Francesca had a point on ANYTHING. The only way he could have been responsible s if he insisted that there was NO chance he would ever come to NY. No other person in the history of radio or TV has ever been so consistently wrong so often. And not jus wrong…but literally COMPLETELY wrong..as in every time he says something, the OPPOSITE is far more likely to happen. (Daniel Murphy will NEVER hit big league pitching.)

      And just because they were talking about it doesn’t mean that ANYONE in the Mets front office gave a damn about what they were saying..The only people who cared about anything they had to say were pimple faced virgins who are STILL virgins to this day,. You know like you.