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Five Moves To Expect Ahead Of Today’s MLB Trade Deadline

3. Carlos Beltran to Astros

Despite the Yankees actively shopping the 39-year-old, they haven’t quite found a preferable or favorable match. With that said, it would be a shock if Beltran threw on a Yankee uniform for Monday night’s game. In other words, he is as good as gone.

Where better to go than the team he made a true name for himself with? The 2004 postseason was as sensational a display of clutch hitting as you will ever see.

Putting past reflection aside, Houston currently needs one more formidable bat. Adding Beltran — a switch-hitter who can DH and play right field  — would make the lineup substantially more dynamic. Standing only 2.5 games out of the second AL Wild Card spot, an offensive addition resulting in an eventual surge is exactly what the Astros need.

A .304/.344/.546 slash line with 22 homers and 64 RBIs makes Beltran’s value as high as it will be prior to retirement. Given that it is his walk year, the Yankees will likely be flexible with their asking price. However, they will not be led into something they are not comfortable with.

Expect the Yankees to be in search of a young arm such as Albert Abreu (Houston’s No. 10 prospect), and for Beltran to end up with his former team.

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