New York Knicks’ Carmelo Anthony Just Can’t Handle Jimmy Butler’s Vocals (Video)

Melo ain’t having it…?

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Thanks to the Rio Olympics, Jimmy Butler has now showcased his vocals. New York Knicks’ Carmelo Anthony doesn’t seem impressed.

Vanessa Carlton ladies and gentlemen. She seems to be the top choice for Chicago Bulls superstar Jimmy Butler.

Thanks to the Rio Olympics, some of the greatest players in the NBA have come together to represent the United States of America.

This idea not only brings a phenomenal showcase of ball to the court for all the world to see, it brings us some of the behind the scenes moments.

Today, we get a sneak peak into the vocals while traveling.

Jimmy Butler of the Chicago Bulls spearheaded the music (video above). Interestingly enough, New York Knicks star Carmelo Anthony simply did not seem impressed.

Did you see his demeanor once the video scanned to him? Straight up boredom or a questioning of the music choice are the two best guesses for what’s going through his head at that very moment.

Nevertheless, here’s more of Butler’s vocals:

***Warning: NSFW language:

?????? @jimmybutler

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@jimmybutler back at it…. Looking like Willie Beamen

A video posted by DeMarcus Cousins (@boogiecousins) on

Kyrie Irving, DeMarcus Cousins – they’re digging it. Melo? Not so much.

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