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MLB: Ranking The Potential NL Rookie Of The Year Candidates

2. Trevor Story

Current 2016 stats: .270, 27 HR, 71 RBI, .908 OPS (96 GP)

Projected: .270, 42 HR, 112 RBI, .908 OPS (151 GP)

Without getting cheesy, let’s start off by saying that Trevor Story has been quite the story this year. Out of nowhere, the questionable 2011 first-round pick has solidified himself as one of the more prominent power threats in all of baseball.

The 23-year-old shortstop differs greatly from Diaz due to the fact that he is the truest sense of a “hit or miss” commodity. Already whiffing 130 times in 96 games this year, Colorado fans can know what to expect whenever he steps up to the plate.

With that said, the positives completely obliterate the negatives in this case. The storylines — particularly in the first two weeks of the season — he has fabricated for an underrated Rockies team have put him on the radar of many.

Just from power production alone, his numbers are off the charts when it comes to first-year players. Denying a guy with 42 homers (projected) of the award will be an extremely difficult task.

 Current NL ROY