The UNLV Football program looks like they have a good time while hitting the weights.

What an absolutely electric weight room video. It seems like every so often a video like this comes out, one which features teammates going nuts while one of their guys is trying to pump some iron.

The whistles and the dancing in the background provide some laugh out loud funny stuff.

The video reached its peak when the UNLV player finished his last rep and the guys picked him up and carried him away, like at the end of Rudy. I’m by no means a weight lifter or gym buff but if I had a crowd of people cheering me on like that, I’d get some squats in.

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UNLV was 3-9 last season under first year head coach Tony Sanchez. While I’m not sure how Sanchez is as a recruiter, if he keeps putting up videos like this,  he should have a line of high school kids out the door begging to play for him.

Making workouts and training fun is half the battle. UNLV has already won in that aspect, and now let’s see if that energy can transpire on the gridiron while winning them a couple more football games.

H/T: Twitter, @UNLVFootball

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