The Five Worst Trades

  1. (June, 1977) Mets acquire IF Doug Flynn, OF Steve Henderson, OF Dan Norman, and P Pat Zachry from the Cincinnati Reds for P Tom Seaver

It’s hard to believe this happened. Just sad and stupid.

  1. (December, 1971) Mets trade P Nolan Ryan to the Anaheim Angels for SS Jim Fregosi

The Mets never believed in Ryan, which is a damn shame. By the end of his career, he threw seven no-hitters more the Mets’ pitchers did in franchise history.

  1. (June, 1989) OF Lenny Dykstra and P Roger McDowell traded to the Philadelphia Phillies for 2B Juan Samuel

Another bad one. Shipping Dykstra and McDowell to the division rival Phillies was a huge contribution to the disbanding the Mets’ World Championship team in 1986.

  1. (November, 1988) Mets deal P Mel Rojas to Los Angeles Dodgers for 3B/OF Bobby Bonilla

One fact: the Mets still pay Bobby Bonilla, and will continue to until 2035.

  1. (July, 2004) P Scott Kazmir traded to Tampa Bay Rays for P Victor Zambrano and P Bartolome Fortunado

Perhaps the most infamous deadline trade in Mets’ history, the club shipped prized left-handed pitching prospect to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays in exchange for Victor Zambrano and Bartolome Fortunado.

Neither panned out in New York. Success wasn’t on the side of the 2004 Mets either.

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