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New York Yankees Fan Makes Miserable Effort At Pivotal Foul Out (Video)

The Bronx faithful was nowhere to be found when the New York Yankees needed them the most.

What in your right mind are you doing?

Your team is a base knock away from winning a potentially pivotal game, you have a reliable hitter at the plate, you can keep the inning and the season alive, and all you do is make a worthless and lethargic effort at a borderline foul out.

Man, do Yankee fans need a lecture on what true grit and passion entails? Evidently (see above), the Starlin Castro foul ball down the right field line was borderline in the truest sense of the word.

With that said, if you have the slimmest chance of cleanly interfering to help the team, you do it. Absolutely no negative questions would be asked.

Where is Jeffery Maier when you need him? Please, whoever you are, watch this video and learn. This guy helped start a Yankee dynasty.

What are you doing? Trying to preserve your own good?

Perhaps he was scared of being ejected from the stadium. Well, maybe he should be booted for being a closet Giants fan.

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