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New York Mets All-Stars Completely Shutout In San Diego

No New York Mets players made an appearance in the 2016 MLB All-Star Game, despite having Manager Terry Collins at the helm.

Despite an underwhelming first half, the New York Mets still had four players chosen to participate in this year’s All-Star Game.

That does not include Terry Collins, who was at the helm for the National League squad and his coaching staff. That brings the grand total to 14 members on the orange and blue who went out to San Diego.

However, only Collins and his coaching staff made significant contributions to the National League’s 4-2 loss against the American League. Bartolo Colon and Jeurys Familia did not appear. Noah Syndergaard and Yoenis Cespedes did not play due to injury.

It is understandable that Syndergaard and Cespedes were unavailable; they will be the two most important pieces in the Mets’ second-half run towards a playoff spot. Collins named Colon as an injury replacement earlier this week. He also told MLB Network that Familia would close the game if his side had a lead.

That opportunity never came. The American League took an early 4-1 lead on two homers by two Kansas City Royals, Eric Hosmer and Salvador Perez, and never looked back. Fans voted Hosmer as this year’s MVP.

It is definitely disappointing for Mets fans. One of the few reasons to watch any All-Star game, in any sport, is to see hometown favorites match up against the best in the game. The game becomes, at its best, an impressive amalgamation of disconnected athletic prowess when something like this happens.

The baseball world was pleasantly surprised when Jacob deGrom struck out the side in last year’s spectacle, and Mets fans rejoiced. Tonight was the other end of that spectrum.

Collins’ decision to hold out the two available Mets did not come unwarranted, though. It really does not make sense to throw a 43-year-old veteran and an overworked closer in an insignificant game.

With all of the injuries to the team this season, health is the top priority for the Mets. Potential injuries to Familia and Colon were not an option.

Regardless of injury, these two pitchers do not need any more work. Familia leads the league with 31 saves thus far. Colon is on pace to approach 200 innings in his 19th big-league season.

Not everyone appears to agree with the manager’s decision, though.

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Dylan Hornik is a New York-based writer. He mainly covers the Mets and national baseball news for ESNY. He is also a Mets and Jets staff writer and podcaster for Gotham Sports Network. Follow him on Twitter @Hornik_Dylan